Serves One Million Visitors per Day with MySQL Enterprise Unlimited, Europe's largest online hotel reservation site, has selected the MySQL open source database to process tens of thousands of online bookings every day for over 30,000 hotels in 8,000 destinations worldwide. The Web site, which is offered in 15 languages, manages its hotel information and reservation requests in a scale-out architecture consisting of approximately twenty MySQL database servers. has subscribed to MySQL AB's new MySQL Enterprise Unlimited offering, giving them premium coverage for any number of MySQL database servers -- for a single, unprecedented low price. The organisation now receives full 24x7 support and access to MySQL Enterprise's proactive monitoring & advisory services. By adopting MySQL's popular scale-out architecture, can cost-effectively manage high traffic growth, while assuring that their organization's data is always synchronised and up-to-date.

Herald van der Breggen, senior developer at, said, " is growing significantly every year. That's why we wanted to scale with a factor Ten in 2006. Because the MySQL database is based on open standards, building our system was very easy and fast, and integrated with very low expense. MySQL's open source structure offers us opportunities for growth and integration because data replication can be introduced and managed from an early stage." also employed MySQL AB's professional services group to consult on its architecture, and an implementation of the vendor's new DRBD high-availability solution.

Richard Mason, MySQL AB's vice president of EMEA, said, "We are delighted to see strong interest in MySQL Enterprise Unlimited by leading European companies such as This new subscription offering streamlines the entire corporate software purchasing process -- significantly reducing IT time, cost and risk. It is ideal for organizations with a growing number of database projects, but a tightly-fixed budget."

MySQL's "Twelve Days of Scale-Out'

Starting today through June 22, the MySQL Web site will be highlighting how many of world's fastest-growing companies -- such as -- are using the MySQL database to cost-effectively Scale-Out their successful online businesses.

The campaign is live at

What is Scale-Out?

Scale-Out is a modern computing architecture that enables organizations to improve application performance and scalability on an incremental, as-needed basis by adding multiple replicated database servers on low-cost commodity hardware. This is in contrast to a `Scale-Up' approach, which requires organizations to make a large up-front investment in more expensive and complex server hardware and database licenses in order to add capacity.