Graduates hack into Waco computer system

The town of Waco in Texas will be forever imprinted on mind after the 1993 siege involved the Davidian religious sect..

That's why I sat up and took notice last night when I saw a story about a couple of technology graduates hacking into their school's computer system.

The two teenagers have have been charged with hacking into the Waco school district computer system.

Samuel Porter Smith, aged 18, and Sean Edward Erickson, age 17, both graduates of AJ Moore Academy, are accused of accessing private information, including addresses and Social Security numbers.

The bad news is that they've been charged with `breaching a computer system,' which is classed a Class B misdemeanour punishable by up to 180 days in jail.

Which is a bit steep for what appears to a student prank. Mind you, they certainly do things differently in Waco, as illustrated by the David Koresh siege of 1993.

Hats off to you FBI guys, you did real swell there...