Iterating offers first comprehensive wiki-based software guide with a dynamic feature matrix

ITerating, the first free Wiki-based software guide covering open source, commercial and hosted software, today announced the addition of a Feature Matrix, which allows users to dynamically create customized, side-by-side feature comparisons of software solutions within seconds.

Users can use the feature matrices to quickly evaluate software solutions and make more informed product selection decisions. With this addition, ITerating becomes the only online guide that allows users to search across all software types, find detailed product information, read user reviews and easily create and share comparative matrices -- all from one site.

"Most web developers, IT managers, and programmers gather product feature information by manually searching the web, or ask a colleague for their opinion," said Nicolas Vandenberghe, founder and CEO, ITerating. "These methods are time-consuming and result in scattered and often incomplete information. Within seconds our Feature Matrix offers users a complete picture of how a product stacks up against other products within its class."

The ITerating Feature Matrix provides a list of products within a product class and allows the user to select products for comparison. All of the information contained within the matrix is editable using ITerating's user-friendly online interface, which does not require knowledge of HTML. Users can easily create or edit product features and build a matrix specifically tailored to their needs. Once the products and features are selected, a customized Feature Matrix is dynamically created within seconds.

The Feature Matrix offers web developers, IT managers and programmers an extremely quick resource for creating customized software comparisons that can be freely shared with an online community. Using ITerating's dynamic matrix builder, users can create comparative charts on demand, reusing content on the site or adding more. Users can also share a customized matrix with their internal team or colleagues by simply copying it into an email, slide or document.

"As a web software developer, I'm faced with a myriad of online resources that offer information about solutions, but most of them cover only a segment of what I need," said Jaron Rubenstein, president, Rubenstein Technology Group and New York City Web Design Meetup group leader.

"Each project's requirements are different and I need to quickly find information about different types of software. With ITerating's Feature Matrix, I can assess software based on the features I'm looking for, while at the same time get more perspective through user reviews. ITerating provides a well-rounded guide that makes it more efficient to find the exact solution I need."

ITerating currently has over 16,000 products listed with new products continually added by users and ITerating contributors who are experts in the field. Unlike other online software resources, ITerating's content is predominantly user-generated, providing non-biased information and reviews to users. The site uses an approval process similar to Wikipedia to ensure the accuracy of all content submitted.