Mobile Strategy Struggling? Don't blame the solution first (Part 1)

There are basic principals that have been applied for most enterprise solutions from CRM to messaging, ERP to basic end user applications such as spreadsheets. It is this: If the end user does not understand the application they need training or support.

If the support team does not understand the application or doesn't know how to assist the end user, then the end user either gets frustrated or, they stop using the application.

This is true of any application virtually, regardless of how important the data or how it may impact (impede) the business. Mobility on the other hand, appears to be the only enterprise solution being deployed across most businesses (large or small), where this rule MUST not apply. Mobility HAS to be the exception! Because every company I talk to initially says the same thing(s).

* We don't train our user's

* The Administrators train our helpdesk

* Our Helpdesk train's our user's

* Training our Helpdesk is not as important (as server's, switches and such)

There are at least 12 mobile solutions that I can name right off, and in reality, many more that are available to the enterprise. Each of these solutions has it advantages and work well in many instances. There 6 major solutions which are deployed in many organizations and seem to be capturing the majority of the market to this point.

In each of these solutions there is some method used to deploy the solution to their mobile users' device. However, having experienced 5 of these 6, I would have to say, none are fool proof every time. Simple? Yes .. However, not exactly foolproof.

What happens if the user does not know the web address to download the application or retrieve their settings? What of the device was provisioned incorrectly? What about username or password? Close to half the user's that I encounter indicate they didn't know the device was coming or, what they were suppose to do with it when it arrived.

Yet, we expect them to turn it on (finding the power button alone can be a challenge), make the device connect in cases, and then, supply the correct information which, came with instructions (maybe). Instructions which are typically written by an administrator who, has used the solution and the device for the past 2-6 months (or longer), knows each and every button, menu, selection, filter - you get the idea.

Most helpdesk individuals that I work with indicate that they have received virtually no training on the device(s) or application, and many times indicate they themselves don't have devices to use, even at their stations, when taking calls to support these mobile users.