Mobile Strategy Struggling? Don't blame the solution first (Part 2)

With strategies like this it is clear to see why many companies fail to reach full deployment of their mobile solution. Someone in their company has made the decision that a few hundred dollars spent on training the helpdesk or end user's is not the right place to invest.

Or, someone forgot about training in their project plan, maybe did not plan appropriately and, does not want to admit their planning may have been flawed.

Mobile strategies require in-depth planning, coordination and training to be fully successful. I have found (after several hundred deployments), that key elements are completely forgotten or, worse yet, totally ignored.

Forgotten because organizations fail to seek the proper expertise in their planning due to the cost, not knowing it's availability, or they simply believe that they can complete the project without the proper expert lending their guidance. Ignored, mainly, because of cost's, but also because they feel the cost does not justify the benefit.

On average, I would say (based on experience and not numbers), that most mobile solution deployments would successfully occur in roughly ½ the time, if a mobile solution expert were to be involved at some level.

Integrators with experience deploying mobile devices, in particular, your organization's solution, can have a tremendous benefit in terms of overall cost's, time to production, proper testing and system architecture, and overall opportunity cost.

Training alone will have a significant positive impact in most organizations. On average, training and a device will cost $600.00 approximately depending on the specific device and how or where the training is conducted. Many times you can train 10 helpdesk staff for under $2000.00 in 1 day.

This training can, in most cases, reduce overall call/issue resolution time to under 10 minutes. Without training, the average time increases dramatically and many time's a single call/issue can exceed 30 minutes, or even an hour. Even if the price for training was $4,000.00 for 10 people training can reduce the overall costs and, typically pays for itself in days or weeks.

If your mobile solution does not get off the ground as planned look at the entire plan. Most deployments fail for several reasons not just one. Don't be hesitant to hire an expert. Many times they can correct the issues quickly, provide the correct information and ensure that you have ALL the tools you need to be successful.

And, don't forget that if the user doesn't know how, and the helpdesk doesn't either, then it may never take-off or, it may be "Fasten you seatbelts", this turbulence is getting worse, not better.