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I must confess that I stopped used BitTorrent and other file-sharing networks a long time ago after it became apparent the authorities were pressuring ISPs into releasing punter's details for possible prosecution.

However, a new service in Germany called appears to offer the cautious downloader a solution.

In return for around 10 euros a month, allows punters to upload Bittorrent header files and have its servers download the files for you.

You can pay for the service using Paypal (and an anonymous pre-paid debit card -Ed) or a premium rate phone line (which you can call using a payphone and a prepaid card -Ed).

Once the file(s) are downloaded,'s server drops you an email to let you know the file(s) are available, and you can use a multi- streaming application like Reget to download them at high speed.

Coupled with a pre-paid (and relatively anonymous) debit card and an encrypted and anonymous Web service like Steganos Anonym VPN, it's almost impossible for your ISP or the authorities to track your Web usage and downloads.

In fact, since you're not sharing the files directly, and is doing it all for you, it's debatable whether the IFPI or similar could successfully prosecute.

Though I'm sure they'd find a way...