Steganos Anonym VPN comes to the Apple Mac

Steganos Anonym VPN, an encrypted and anonymous Web surfing service for PC users, has been around for a while, but the German company has now released a version for the Apple Mac.

Ostensibly aimed at users of WiFi hotspots (yeah, r-r-right -Ed), the service creates a software-based loopback adapter in the Mac's memory, and fools the operating system into thinking there's a VPN adapter connector present.

The TCP/IP stack, meanwhile, is encrypted and routed through Steganos' high-speed servers, meaning all your Internet actions are beyond prying eyes.

The service works with all TCP/IP interactions, including telnet sessions, but doesn't work with SMTP and IMAP email transmissions, as Steganos says it has had some problems with spammers.

Which isn't really a surprise.

Anonym is an interesting package/service, and I suspect a number of punters will use the Anonym service for downloading prOn and pirated movies plus software.

Anyway, the Mac version of Anonym works with an Apple Mac with Intel or PowerPC architecture and Mac OS X 10.4 or later, so you'll probably need to update your Mac's operating system to use the software...