Comodo helps retailers tackle online fraud

I was interested to read over the weekend that Comodo, a New Jersey-based digital certificate specialist, is releasing a new range of services to help companies beat online fraud.

Nope, it's not what you (or I) think. Comodo isn't tackling the problem of card fraud. It's looking to help etailers keep the sales and support reputation they have built up.

In one fraud cited by the firm, fraudsters were using Google Adwords to drive traffic to mimic sites and so trash the reputation of a legitimate company.

And, in another scam variation, fraudsters have been threatening smaller etailers with a denial-of-service attack if the etailer doesn't pay the `fees' the the fraudsters ask for.

To tackle these problems, Comodo claims to have come up with a number of solutions, including a range of SSL certificates that give Web users site identity assurance through the use of a highly visible green indicator in their Web browser.

And to protect servers from hackers, Comodo has released HackerGuardian, a vulnerability scanning system that performs more than 14,000 daily tests and offers remedial advice when a threat is detected.

It's interesting that the etail industry is developing these types of solutions since, as punters, we don't often get to see behind the scenes - especially with the UK etailers.

Thankfully the US industry has a more open mind. And as PCI DSS continues to gain momentum, I suspect we will hear more about the new generation of Web anti-fraud technologies..