Data Track Technology Secures Remote Access to Networks

Administrators of server and network security are about to have their lives made a great deal easier, and their security made more robust, with the launch of Tracker SAMS (Tracker Secure Access Management System) by Data Track Technology plc.

Tracker SAMS is a software application that simplifies the management of secure access to servers, applications and communications equipment while reducing the risk of security breaches. Tracker SAMS is compatible with any equipment which uses the supported protocols.

Tracker SAMS acts as a proxy server for organisations which need to control access to their voice and data network systems. Conventional remote access creates security risks and an administrative burden: typically, networks are exposed because of the plethora of login IDs and passwords for different applications held by users and third party maintainers, meaning that one human error or act of deliberate ill-will can compromise parts of a network or even expose the whole network to a security breach. And the need to manage or rescind users’ access from time to time across a wide range of different systems and applications can create a significant level of administrative overhead, not to mention the risk of overlooked entry points.

With Tracker SAMS, only the network administrator has direct access to the servers and applications. All other users instead have just a single login account to Tracker SAMS and, from there, can only see and access the hardware and applications they are authorised to use: Tracker SAMS stores all their usernames, passwords and connection details for the individual remote devices, establishes all connections – over an IP or telephone network – and launches the necessary software.

Access rights for individual users can therefore be simply but comprehensively controlled by the system administrator. And use of the system and any attempted security breaches can be monitored and reviewed, as the software provides a full audit trail of all activity.

Tracker SAMS runs on Microsoft Windows and information is stored in a secure industry standard SQL database. The software can be configured and used through a web interface and supports the following protocols: VNC, HTTP, HTTPS,TELNET, FTP, RAW TCP, SSH, ASCII Dial-up, and PC Anywhere. The administrator can also structure the presentation of equipment to suit the individual organisation’s needs.

John Owen, director of Data Track Technology plc, comments: “Although there is a wide choice of access equipment on the market, nobody before has offered IT professionals a secure way to simplify their access management and reduce the administration. Anyone having a demonstration of Tracker SAMS will see the difference it can make and how easily it brings everything together.”

The Tracker SAMS software is compatible not only with Data Track’s existing Tracker appliances but with any other brand of equipment with supported protocols. It is available directly from Data Track Technology plc or through its distribution partners.