Mulesource releases User Survey

MuleSource, a provider of open source infrastructure and integration software, today released a summary report of the first official Mule user survey. The survey, which featured a high degree of response from Europe, reinforced Mule's position as the world's leading open source ESB (Entreprise Service Bus) and integration platform.

With a sample size of 500 enterprise users, the survey outlines use cases and deployment patterns of the world's most widely-used open source ESB and integration platform. The 500 Mule users who took the survey describe their Mule use cases and deployment patterns, as well as specify other technologies that Mule is running alongside in their production environments.

"The survey results demonstrate the broad range of integration challenges that Mule is solving in production today," said Dave Rosenberg, CEO of MuleSource. "As the industry's leading open source ESB and integration platform, Mule has by far the largest community of users. No other ESB or integration platform - proprietary or open source - currently has the same degree of proven success across such a wide range of mission critical integration scenarios."

In addition to fresh data on common Mule use cases, the survey outlines the high percentage (more than 57%) of Mule users that are taking advantage of open source / access to the code to create custom extensions and modifications. Additionally, the survey reveals that more than 70% of Mule users are also using the Spring framework. Also highlighted is the growing trend of software providers leveraging Mule for integration at client sites.

The survey results are available for download here.