Indian pensioner's bank account phished - twice

According to a report in the Hindustan Times on Monday, Chandra Kumar Bajpai, a resident of Panchshila Park, has had his bank account successfully phished for money twice in the last couple of months.

Twice? Well the guy is a senior citizen who only uses is laptop for accessing his e-banking account with ICICI Bank.

According to the paper, the pensioner was ripped off for a total of a million Rupees (about £12,300) in total in two separate incidents.

Bajpai's problems started when he received an e-mail in early April asking him to confirm his banking details.

This he did, and police say that a million Rupees left his account the same day. Curiously, however, the money was deposited back the next day.

Then in late May, the pensioner received another email asking him to renew and secure his e-banking account, as the bank was upgrading its server.

And guess what? A series of transactions left him with no money - and the dosh didn't come back this time.

Police are investigating the crime against the poor guy, as are the bank. The big question, of course, is whether he'll get the dosh reimbursed by the bank...