Destiny hits £1m first quarter milestone as digital pen demand grows

Destiny Wireless plc, a UK provider of Digital Pen and Paper technology based on Anoto Functionality, has announced first quarter sales of £1m – a fourfold increase just three years after the launch of the company in 2004. Destiny’s success in achieving the same level of revenue in one quarter as it did in its first year of trading is being fuelled by the dramatic growth in demand for its pioneering technology.

With more than 350 active applications, three million forms processed and savings of many millions of pounds now achieved for customers, Destiny is enabling users to improve cash flow and increase profitability via enhanced business flow and greater efficiency.

CEO of Destiny Edward Belgeonne comments: “By connecting the familiar pen and paper with the digital world, we’re helping organisations to make dramatic savings in time, cost and unnecessary admin. Better still, this low cost technology based on Anoto Functionality is very easy to understand and use, and just as easy to integrate. It’s now possible to make serious improvements to business processes with little or no training, and without asking people to make any big changes to the way they work.”

Destiny’s award winning unique Digital Pen and Paper solutions harnesses the speed and power of advanced digital technology and handwriting recognition software for organisations who collect data in the field. Instead of relying on fax machines or postage to submit completed forms, users fill in their forms using a digital pen which incorporates an infra-red camera.

Pen strokes are recorded and transmitted in less than a minute via a Bluetooth mobile phone to Destiny’s secure servers, where they are converted into a data file and then sent with a graphical image of the original form to the customer’s computer. With a time lapse of only a few minutes after the completion of the original form, processing delays are reduced, productivity is increased, and invoicing can be accelerated.

Destiny is planning to triple its sales and service team over the course of the year to help more customers take advantage of its recently launched applications. These include ‘Destiny On Demand’ which facilitates low runs of pre-populated digital forms, an intelligent GPS service that can locate and navigate mobile workers onto their next job, and new connectivity with’s AppExchange platform. This enables mobile users to capture, review and transmit handwritten notes directly into Salesforce using Destiny® digital pens and forms.