Security People Do Too Much

So I’ve arrived here and signed up to several programs in addition to having to report on the events. In addition to my many duties I’m also in the middle of writing a piece on how to secure your KVM switching technology and the security issues involved in having an environmentally friendly business.

It transpired over one of these dinners that I’ve got company and that many other people in security have the same issues. One delegate reported how he generally works 90 hour weeks, others have very understanding families. Discussing this one of the Singapore delegates was telling me how someone had literally passed away in the middle of their workplace due to over-exhaustion.

And the fault is…ourselves! Every security professional I’ve spoken with seems to absolutely love their job. Essentially their job is their hobby and they just can’t get enough of it.

I recently got banned from playing on a site due to I believe a number of false positives in a security system and some pretty inadequate security administrators. This was actually a godsend as it meant I actually got some sleep and have been more focussed ever since.

Perhaps as security professionals many of us should also learn to take better care of the security of our health.