The Best Security Conference In the World

So I’m sitting at dinner just chatting with some of the guys and I hear that many of the people have attended other security events such as Infosec, Defcon, Blackhat to name a few in addition to the FIRST one. In fact there are so many of these that you could probably just spend your time at one security conference after another.

I’ve heard many positive comments here at the FIRST pre-conference ice-breaker event – such as its “one of the few security events where I can go and meet other like minded people and work together to resolve the same problems” – which is a comment from one of the law enforcement agencies attending.

Even the distinguished a Computer Weekly commentator, David Lacey, feels that FIRST would be his choice if he was only allowed one event to go to.

So my question is if there was only one security conference you could go to – which one would you actually attend and why? Comments?