The Goodie Bag

Goodie Bag

It’s Sunday and the registration process has just begun. I think one aspect that delegates of conferences look forward to is the moment where they receive their delegate pack. The delegate pack included a binder containing the normal time table of events, notes and pen together with a map of the area all wrapped neatly in the FIRST delegate bag.

The beautiful orange binder also has and a set of sleeves to hold CD give-aways from some of the speakers together with an in-built calculator (probably to calculate the amount of information being transmitted when you have 1000 separate organisations with 14 million people on the network each sending at 10GB per second – that was a joke really… the guys here can do that in their head!) This conference seems to have attracted some of the brightest people worldwide.

In addition you also got a lovely 1GB USB stick containing all the speakers’ notes and two T-shirts your very own Google T-shirt as well as the First one.

All in all a brilliant goodie bag especially when you consider that FIRST is a non-profit organisation.