Train the Trainers at FIRST

Signed in to the FIRST Train the Trainers programme – didn’t realise it started 8:00am UK time! The morning was based on various people’s associations with CERT teams round the world. People in the room came from all corners of the world from New Zealand, the Middles East, Asia, the States and Europe.

The amount of information and war story experience held in these people’s heads is absolutely amazing.

The discussions were more managerial than technical. For example one topic was on how to get a security policy to be accepted by your government/CEO. People who had achieved this recommended moving away from security tech speak to business language. In other words look at security as a method of enabling business and protecting a corporate investment. An example of a business enablement statement is that

“Having a secure system will enable more customers and partners to do business with you resulting in millions of dollars of extra business as customers will have less fear of their private details from being stolen.”

An example of a protection of corporate investment statement is that:-

Having a secure system will protect the millions of dollars of research built up on this project from being stolen.