GUI and Embedded suppliers partner for multi-media devices OEM

Fluffy Spider Technologies (FST), a world-leading provider of software development platforms for advanced Graphical User Interfaces in embedded devices, and Technical Solutions (Techsol), specialists in providing low-cost out-sourcing of embedded technology design and board fabrication, today announce an international joint research, development, and marketing alliance.

This benefits global OEMs and end-users of consumer, mobile, commercial, and industrial devices.

FancyPantsTM is the award-winning platform for embedded application development. Created by FST, it enables OEMs to quickly and easily develop innovative and feature-rich devices with advanced GUI and high-performance Multi-Media capabilities, providing a breathtaking look and feel while also reducing hardware resource requirements and development costs.

The FST and Techsol alliance enables developers of products such as smart phones, TV set-top boxes, point-of-service terminals, in-car systems and building automation devices to outsource innovative hardware design and manufacture, with further cost reductions, and benefit from the embedded software platform that allows them to dramatically enhance the user experience.

"Our companies first met when both were contracted by a world-leading OEM of secure-financial transaction terminals, with a market capitalisation of over US$2 Billion and clients including many leading retail, fast food and gas station chains. That OEM developed a new generation of Point-Of-Sale devices that also include high-performance Multi-Media advertising capabilities within the same footprint.

Highly modular and easily re-branded, they've also added full-motion video and audio, full 64K colour graphical menus with touch-screen, secure financial debit, credit and smart card functionality with on-screen keypad and electronic signature capture," said Brian Empey, CEO, Technical Solutions Inc.

"Global OEMs can roll out FancyPantsTM to their international networks of development centres, as well as their major clients, reaching broader markets by making it quicker and easier for developers to tailor embedded GUI and Multi-Media applications to meet and pre-empt demands of their local markets," said Robi Karp, CEO, Fluffy Spider Technologies.

"We look forward to the ongoing collaborative delivery of products and services that enable OEMs to further differentiate themselves and offer better end-user service with highly innovative devices," said Mr Karp.