The FIRST Difference Part 1 - Community

So here you are in your little pocket of the universe. Perhaps you’re:-

•working out a strategy for dealing with the latest security threat or

•putting together a proposal to your board for better security or

•thinking about a new framework to handle incidents or

•any other task loosely related to security, risk and business continuity.

Just across the pond is another person who has just finished what you’re doing and could be saving you time in terms of producing your proposal or even preventing a potential disaster five months down the line due to something that your team may have missed out. How do you meet that person?

In my previous blogs, I alluded to how important promoting networking with other individuals to the FIRST steering committee is. However another important aspect to FIRST is to have people from across the different communities. In other words, here at this conference, there are people from academia, government, military, finance, charities and many other commercial organisations including personal investigators!

So the probability of you meeting someone in your industry who has been through what you’ve been through is comparatively high.