What's going on in Italy?

I was amazed to read about the so-called `Italian Job' security issue which seems to have affected tourist Web sites over in Italy.

Apparently, if the reports are to be believed, thousands of Web sites in Italy have been crippled by a software infection that takes over users' computers.

The malicious software installs an HTML iFrame on Web pages, that opens a utility called MPack on users' machines and exploits known bugs in Internet Explorer.

These bugs include a keylogger and remote access facility and...

Hang on a minute - isn't MPack an old malware problem?

Actually, yes it is - Panda software identified incidents of the malware as rising again last month - on May 11 to be exact.

You can read all about the latest MPack exploits here on Panda's Web site. The story is more than a month old.

Which makes the frantic newswire reports about the `Italian Job' over the last 48 hours a bit like re-heating an old story.

Or am I just being cynical in my old age?...