Yesterday, Wednesday, was the official opening day of the FIRST conference. I must confess to being totally bedraggled after the last four nights of festivities. As a recap, the weekend was spent at the FIRST Train the Trainers discussing elements of Educational policy. Monday kicked off the start of the various information turorials and on Tuesday we had more of the same plus the FIRST pre-AGM.

Now what has any of this to do with security…well um errr… actually none. So as I want your continual support I’m going to share some of my dinner talk.

So I’m out at dinner and please guys if you want an example of a no win discussion – just don’t get into a Microsoft versus Open Source – really it isn’t worth it. Personally, I’ve always been a pragmatist and am happy to use both and other systems to get a job done and if any O/s makes me money then that’s ok…see – pragmatist!

Anyway the discussion happened and as a result I learnt of the APACHE vs IIS6 security reports debate. You can read about different areas surrounding these two products at the blogs below.

Michael Howard's Blog

Robert Hensing's

I know its old but I wasn’t aware of it.