CERTs need info clear and fast

The need to ensure fast and intelligible information flows between Computer Emergency Response Teams when vendors report vulnerabilities was the lead topic this week when FIRST’s Vendor SIG convened in Seville.

Altogether 24 participants from 10 different vendors and guests from four coordination centres attended the meeting, which was part of the 19th annual conference of FIRST, the Forum of Internet Response and Security Teams. Guests were from JPCERT/CC, CPNI, US-CERT and CERT/CC, and the vendors represented were present Sun, Juniper, NTT, CNES, Skype, Hitachi, Microsoft, SAP, Ericsson and Cisco.

Vendors and guests also welcomed news about the advent of CVSS v2, which was announced the same day at the conference.

More than 450 delegates from 49 countries – the greatest geographical spread ever – were this week attending FIRST’s conference. The organisation leads the world's fight-back against cyber-crime, sabotage and terrorism, and consists of the Internet emergency response teams from 180 corporations, government bodies, universities and other institutions across the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania.