Defence and security professionals meet in Hacienda

Wednesday’s opening ended with the Gala Dinner at a real live Hacienda. If you aren’t already aware according to some figures there were security professionals from 49 different countries attending.

Trying to work out whether this was true I cunningly went round with a camera introducing myself and taking pictures so you can check this out for yourself.

Included in my brief chats were:-

•defence ministers from Germany, Singapore, Mexico, China,

•security academics from Brazil, Peru, New Zealand, Spain, Poland

•government organisations from the Middle East, Japan, China, USA, Estonia

•commercial organisations’ chief security officers from UK, Norway, Holland, Finland….

Unfortunately I really didn’t have time to talk with everyone or even get to 49 due to the start of dinner and the flamenco dancing afterwards but take a look at the pictures anyway and see how many you can spot for yourself.