Privacy Jeopardy

I’m still kinda reeling from this week’s onslaught of interviews and conferences at FIRST. One of the issues surrounds the civil liberties of the individual. Many of you may have already heard the Podcast with Bob Ayers, the Vice President for Homeland Security for Selex

Sensors and Airborne Systems, where he alludes to the fact that you cannot go anywhere in the UK and I suspect many other countries without some kind of CCTV monitoring your every movement. See our recent post on the hackersblog for more information.

We all know that in addition to CCTV monitoring there are several other types of tracking whether via mobile phone, credit card spending and many other types of surveillance such as the RFID tags in the UK London transport card system (the Oyster Card) and we haven’t even got to the forensics aspects of your mobile and computer systems yet.

If Ayers is to believed, then all of the information from any of these devices can be used if it is believed that there is some criminal intent on your part. In other words, the government only has to create a bogus reason in order to access all your records (shades of Big Brother).

This all makes for very sensational but depressing listening. One way in which this can be changed is to be aware of the effect on your lives and to create and back policy changes regarding the privacy of liberties.

For more information listen to our podcast with Bob Ayers and Lord Toby Harris and if you think that this can only happen in the UK…think again!