VoIP Threats - Is this all Hype?

Vendors of security technologies are often accused of over-hyping the threats. This is particularly true in the VoIP sector where critics point to the lack of reports of VoIP security incidents in as evidence of hype.

This response is wrong on several levels. Firstly the various VoIP security web sites and mailing lists continue to report both potential security threats and actual examples of successful exploits. Secondly affected organisations are just as reluctant to publicly admit problems with their VoIP network and they are with their email system and web site.

Thirdly, ignoring security warnings just because it hasn’t happed yet is very much a head in the sand approach. The Internet community learnt this lesson, somewhat painfully, over the last 10 or more years, the VoIP world can avoid this pain by taking the issue of security seriously.

All of the threats outlined in this article are real and in most cases are very easy to demonstrate. A series of white papers available from Borderware Technologies provides more details on each of these threats and discusses the technology response needed to address them.

Peter Cox, CTO of Borderware, will be speaking at FIRST Security Conference in Sevilla. FIRST is the premier organization and recognized global leader in incident response. For more info, visit FIRST's website at http://www.first.org.