Pentagon takes 1,500 DoD systems offline

I was surprised to learn over the weekend that the US Defense Department took more than 1,500 of its computer systems offline late last week after a hacker successfully penetrated its network.

Reports suggest that the attack started last Wednesday and, by later that day, the Pentagon had taken a large number of its systems offline from the Internet as a precaution.

Weekend newswire reports quote Robert Gates (any relation I wonder? - Ed) as saying he expected the systems to be back up and connected to the Net within a short while.

Interestingly, Gates said that the Pentagon sees hundreds of attacks a day and that this one has not had a real impact on the system. Moving the systems offline, he said, was a precaution.

What made me smile, however, was when he was asked if his own email system was affected, he replied he doesn't use email and is actually a low-tech person.

And with a name like Gates? You have to be kidding me.

Apparently there are large numbers of US agency workers using their Blackberry PDAphones instead of their desktop email in the US, whilst the security problem is being fixed...


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