Symantec finally offers compo to Chinese PC users

It's taken more than a month, but Symantec has at last apologised for the IT problems that many its Norton antivirus users in China have experienced.

As reported previously, a faulty update to the Chinese version of Norton AV caused it to delete two critical Windows XP files and so knacker (that's a technical term -Ed) users' PCs.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that as many as 50,000 Chinese PC users were hit by the problem.

Several punters have started legal action against Symantec, which is now offering affected users free 12 month extensions to their software licences, provided they confirm their registration by mid-July.

Symantec also says it is offering its registered users a free copy of Norton Save & Restore 2.0, a back-up utility.

Hmmmm - if an IT security package had just crashed my machine big-time, would I want a free 12 month licence for the same software?

I'll leave to you to draw your own conclusions...