Sony updates PSP firmware to beat the hackers

Reports from the US suggest that Sony has updated the firmware on many of its Playstation Portables to beat hackers, who are said to have discovered a rather large number of loopholes.

The hacked version of the operating system is 3.5 and, according to PSP forum postings, this version of the OS allows users to step back to v1.0 of the firmware, from where all sorts of fun can happen.

By uploading a cracked copy of the PSP v1.0 firmware, users can play images of games - downloaded from the Net, naturally enough - directly from a memory stick plugged into the games console.

Other features of the cracked version of the PSP operating system include the facility to download an image of the legit game inserted into PSP down to the memory card.

Who needs a PC to plug into, to grab an image eh?

Sony, as you might expect, has moved very quickly to solve the flaws in v3.50 of the firmware and is said to be making a v3.51 download mandatory before PSP users can access the Internet...