Apple iPhone heading for Vodafone UK and T-Mobile Germany

Hackers and crackers are tearing apart the operating system and software of the the Apple iPhone, which was released to critical acclaim in the US last weekend.

As well as discovering a lot about how the mobile works, the code hackers have found four files deep in the operating system:





Mobile phone dweebs such as myself are probably aware that AT&T and Cingular have marketing agreements on the iPhone in the US market, but the existence of the files affirms that Vodafone and T-Mobile will be taking the new handset here in Europe.

I've had a chance to have a play with the iPhone at a developer pal's house and have to say that the most interesting aspect of the mobile is the mobile Internet browser, which is essentially a stripped down version of Safari seen on the desktop Mac and PC recently.

But would I pay £249 for the handset? I doubt it...