USBs: a data MP3 for all

With the rise in the use of USB devices such as MP3 players, memory sticks and digital cameras comes another threat – that of pod slurping.

A staggering 75% of employees questioned in a recent survey use USB devices on their company PC or laptop - portable media storage devices which can be used to take confidential company information and business data off the network.

Organisations need a clear and robust acceptable usage policy set up to protect its intellectual property, but it’s essential to back this up with an equally robust security solution capable of filtering and monitoring employee activity.

The right filtering tool will support your company and help to protect its assets against the potential threats posed by the latest technological developments and media trends, without impacting on business operations and productivity.

The latest tools control and block outbound USB data connections as part of a comprehensive user management solution, and can offer granular security and access levels, segmented by user and by PC, to guarantee an optimum balance between network security and business productivity.