FBI taps remote spyware to trace bomb threat

I was impressed to learn that the FBI has used a remotely installed piece of spyware to track down the person responsible for emailing a series of bomb threats to a Washington High School.

According to newswire reports, FBI agents obtained a court order last month to send a spyware package called CIPAV to a MySpace account suspected of being used by the bomb threat emailer.

Once implanted, the software reported back to the FBI with the IP address of the suspect's PC, together with information on all Internet interactions made by the suspect.

According to the FBI, Josh Glazebrook, a former high school student, was sentenced this week to 90 days in clink, after he pleaded guilty to making hoax bomb threats.

The case is interesting as it's the first time that the FBI has actively used remote spyware in its investigations, although there were reports that a set of malware called Magic Lantern was in development by the agency several years ago...