Microsoft DRM seriously cracked - again

Despite a lot of posturing and wringing of hands, it seems that the Microsoft's DRM (digital rights management) technology has been seriously cracked for the third time.

A new version (v3.0) of the FairUse4M package, which allows Windows users to by-pass Microsoft DRM, has been released on various forums and on Bittorrent channels, this week.

Unconfirmed reports suggest it really is the bees-knees when it comes to one-click cracking of movies and audio files encoded with Microsoft DRM protection.

This is made possible because v3.0 of the FairUse4M software uses a drag-and-drop interface, allowing PC users to turn Napster-sourced and other DRM protected music tracks/albums into fully open files.

Microsoft has gone on record as saying its has full-time development team to combat software like FairUse4M, but I have a feeling that the guys at Redmond will be working late for the next few weeks to work out the next step in the DRM battle...