Network Instruments Launches 48 TB GigaStor storage solution

Network Instruments, a provider of innovative analysis solutions for in-depth network intelligence and continuous availability, announced the release of the GigaStor Expandable.

With the largest platform available for storing up to 48 TB of network-level data, GigaStor Expandable captures and saves every network packet and transaction for later playback and network analysis and forensics.

"Network Instruments has been a leading force in the retrospective network analysis market," said Douglas Smith, co-founder and president of Network Instruments. "Using a Sky Plus-like device on your network to record all traffic has shifted from an emerging technology to being the primary way many organisations troubleshoot network problems.

The huge timesavings benefit of being able to travel back in time to troubleshoot issues and the great need of companies to document all network transactions over a long period of time, are the chief reasons customers have asked us to increase GigaStor's storage. With up to 48 TB, GigaStor Expandable can record more than any other solution."

In addition to increased storage, the GigaStor Expandable gives organisations greater flexibility by ensuring that hard drive capacity can scale to meet their immediate and future needs. "GigaStor Expandable is a platform that will grow as an organisation's forensic needs increase," said Ian Cummins, European sales director.

"Rather than having to throw out an appliance every time you reach capacity, you can increase the storage space available up to 48 TB. With GigaStor Expandable, an organisation could purchase 16 TB today and connect an additional 16 TB or 32 TB of hard-drive space next year to the same solution."