Ex-Microsofters launch new security firm

I was intrigued to read that a clutch of ex-Microsoft senior programmers have formed a company specialising in blocking Web-borne security threats at the operating system level.

Known as Haute Secure, the Seattle-based (where else -Ed) company has just released a beta test of its software of the same name.

The software effectively runs as a plug-in to Internet Explorer and, by all accounts, does its job very well indeed.

Versions are in development for other browsers, including Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

Haute Secure is billed as being highly secure, since it runs as a driver at the operating system kernel level, where it hooks into the API of several Windows processes.

Using this approach, the company says, allows the software to take a `sandbox memory' approach to the TCP/IP interactions, and so monitor - and instantly block - any unusual activity when required

This places the software into the behavioural analysis category which, judging from a flurry of software releases in this area over the last few months, seems to be a hot topic at the moment.

Anyway, enough of my wibble - download the beta test version of the software here...