Digital Photo Frames sales grow 16x

Digital Photo Frames look set to be the ‘hot buy’ of 2007, according to research revealed today by GfK. The Digital Photo Frame, which displays images directly from a digital camera memory card has seen sales increase from 3,000 in May 2006 to 50,000 in May 2007. This has been accompanied by a significant decrease in average price from £124 in November 2006 to £76 in May 2007, leading to 95% sales growth in May compared to April.

Digital photo frames are now widely available as more and more manufacturers have moved into the market, leading to a proliferation of models and sizes. Cost is a major driver with the most popular model (22% volume share) being a 7inch frame costing just £34.

Simplicity of design and ease mean consumers are happy to purchase the product online. Internet sales account for 36% of total sales so far in 2007, compared to 17% of digital camera sales and 12% of small photo printer sales.

Sandra Bayly, Account Manager GfK said “With the digital image industry booming, summer holidays and wedding season approaching, sales of digital photo frames are expected to grow even further. GfK predicts sales will reach between 30-50k per month during the summer, before a massive boom in October with the start of Christmas shopping.