McAfee goes with Jamcracker for rentware option

Very interesting to see that McAfee has announced it is working with Jamcracker, the software-as-a-service specialist, to offer its range of business IT security applications.

The gameplan is for Jamcracker to offer McAfee's Total Protection for Small Business software across the Jamcracker Services Delivery Network (JSDN).

Jamcracker has been quietly building its range of online software, which includes Microsoft Exchange, outsourced desktop management systems and online data backup, in recent months.

This is one of the first times, however, that mainstream IT security software has been available on an online rental basis, rather than a purchase option.

Most of Jamcracker's customers are being sold their services through third-party reseller and branded networks, but the company says it will shortly start selling services directly to small businesses.

Although the firm has its HQ in California, most of its IT systems are in India, where many of its resellers are based.

I suspect, however, that a number of business punters here in the West will start signing up to McAfee's online rentware options - provided, of course, that the service is well priced...