ElasticDrive Beta 0.1.6 - Amazon S3 FileSystem

Enomaly Inc has announced the release of ElasticDrive. ElasticDrive is a network block device based upon the Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). ElasticDrive provides a caching block device driver which pushes blocks to and from S3 as if they were being written to a local block device.

ElasticDrive FileSystem is now available for free download at http://www.elasticdrive.com/download.html

** Beta Software, use at your own risk.

ElasticDrive provides this service through a virtual NBD service. The NBD service translates from standard NBD to S3 packets transparently, so that the client (the kernel) sees a generic block device. NBD is supported on almost every linux kernel (including EC2). Simply modprobe nbd, and you are ready to use ElasticDrive.

ElasticDrive is not intended to replace your existing hard drives or network filesystems directly. ElasticDrive is intended to provide seamless backup, RAID target devices, or backing stores for higher level distributed filesystems.

Use Cases


File and Block-Level Replication

ElasticDrive supports block-level replication. High-speed block-level replication enables the movement of transactional workloads such as mail servers and database servers.

Disaster recovery and long-term retention

ElasticDrive provides the unique capability of writing backups to a local disk and a remote storage system simultaneously. The very same data could be available on-line for quick restores from a disk and off-site.

Cost-Effectively Back Up Your Servers

Perform server & virtual server backup at any time. ElasticDrive provides an easy-to-use, centralized backup facility that leverages a remote distributed storage environment via Amazon S3 and other.

Perform full and incremental file backups of virtual & physical machines or create full image backups.

Centrally manage backups to simplify management of IT resources by using a single agent running on a remote server rather than an agent on every virtual or physical machine.

Perform anywhere-to-anywhere workload migrations with broad multiplatform support.

Move and protect all workloads regardless of hardware, operating system or virtual host.

Protect all workloads in the data center with live incremental replication.

Implement flexible, efficient and affordable workload protection and recovery solutions