Gary McKinnon - a House of Lords reprieve?

Interesting to read that Gary McKinnon, the uber-hacker (fx: bows in the presence of IT security royalty -Ed) accused of gaining unauthorised access to Pentagon and NASA systems using a home PC, has secured the right to have his extradition case heard in the House of Lords.

The move is a timely one, with the humourless Scotsman having just snuggled up to El Presidente Bush for this first time this week, and the fact that the Guantanamo Bay project is starting to be wound down.

Yes folks, the political landscape in the US is changing and the hawks are giving way to the doves, so I reckon that Gary's hearing with the Law Lords could generate something positive.

The arguments to be heard by their Law Lordies will, I gather, include that the US government agencies acted in an "oppressive" and "arbitrary" manner in seeking extradition.

No date has been set for a Law Lords hearing, but I'll wager it will be sooner, rather than later, especially now that there's been a complete change in the Cabinet...