Orange and PC world try to suck consumers into a two year contract

Orange is offering free laptops worth over £300 to customers willing to sign up to a mammoth two year contract in PC World stores. is warning consumers to think carefully, before locking themselves into this deal. Money saving on other offers over a two year period could be as much as £195, and the laptop on offer with Orange is low specification and already out of date.

“I would advise consumers to take a cheaper, faster package, and put the savings into a better laptop - without being trapped in a two year broadband contract,” said Michael Phillips, product director of

Phillips continues, “Consumers also need to think about issues like customer service and reliability. Orange Broadband consistently performs badly in customer polls and surveys - such as the recent Which? Broadband Satisfaction Survey, where only 21 per cent of customers said they were ‘very satisfied’.

“The broadband market is evolving, with faster connections and better deals emerging all the time. By tying themselves into hefty contracts like this, customers will miss out on new offers with faster speeds, and the cost savings they present,” concluded Philips.