Tour de France cyclist information hacked

There was an interesting story out of Denmark this week, claiming a hacker had offered a Danish tabloid `sensitive information' from the shamed Tour de France cyclist Michael Rasmussen's email mailbox.

As reported late last month, Rasmussen was kicked out of the Tour de France by his Rabobank team when leading the race, owing to a row over his allegedly missing four drugs tests in the past 18 months, as well as allegedly fibbing about his whereabouts in June - claiming he had been in Mexico when in fact he was in Italy.

According to the AFP newswire, the Danish tabloid - B.T. - refused the hacker's offer and contacted the police instead.

(BT - a tabloid? You're having me on, it's a telco! -Ed)

Police in Copenhagen are quoted as saying they do not know the identity of the hacker....