Wireless spammer escape jail time

A 40-year-old geezer in the US has been sentenced to three years' probation and six months' home detention after emailing out thousands of advertisements for pornographic Web sites.

Rather than spamming peeps on his home broadband connection, however, Nicholas Tombros is said to have sent them using a roaming wireless connections from his laptop whilst out driving.

Tombros has also been ordered to pay a $10,000 fine as part of a plea bargain he reached with prosecutors after being charged back in August 2004.

Commenting on the sentence, Graham Cluley, veteran IT security peep at Sophos (nope, I hadn't forgotten you Mr G!) said the case is unlikely to send shockwaves through the spam world.

"After an inexplicably long waiting period, probation and a stint of home detention simply won't be enough to convince cybercriminals, many of whom are currently raking in the cash, to throw in the towel," he explained.

According to Cluley, sentencing needs to be swift and severe if the global spam epidemic is to be curbed, while home users and businesses must ensure that they have properly secured their wireless Internet access or face the risk that criminals like Tombros will take advantage...