Avocent boosts Console Servers series

Avocent launched a new line of Linux-based serial console management switches to improve remote management of serial devices in small and midsize data centers and server rooms. The Cyclades CS Console Server, based on the industry leading Cyclades ACS Console Server platform, allow consolidated and cost effective management from a single point of access to serial devices.

“These new additions to our range of switching solutions have more advanced features and better pricing than any similar solution on the market today,” said Pete Engler, SMB product manager for Avocent. “Building on the enterprise Cyclades ACS Console Server family, we have now brought this best-in-class technology to our customers who manage smaller environments so that they, too, can more easily manage their complex multi-platform IT equipment.”

The list price for the 8-port model is $825 and the 16-port model is $1,295. Both include an on-board Web interface and dial-up connectivity for remote access, as well as a local port for local access.

Serial devices that can be remotely and securely managed by the Cyclades CS appliances include UNIX, Linux and Solaris servers, routers, public branch exchange (PBX) systems, telecommunications equipment such as CSU/DSU (channel service unit/data service unit), and serially-based power management devices. The Linux operating system on the Cyclades CS appliances provide optimal performance, security and reliability, even when devices with different platforms are managed through one console server.

The new console servers complement Avocent’s full line of solutions for managing small and midsize data centers, including the AutoView® KVM analog and digital switch family, that support PS/2, USB, Sun and serial devices. Some models feature local virtual media support for transferring data that is stored on CDs, USB thumb drives, USB external hard drives and other media sources between targets.