Terra Soft, Power.org Host Hack-a-thon II

In a 4 day event spanning from the 22nd to the 25th of September, Terra Soft will host a 6 node PS3 cluster and hands-on workshop for the installation of Yellow Dog Linux, compute image deployment via Y-HPC, and use of Torque and Moab for job management.

Hack-a-thon attendees will be invited to working hands-on with the cluster to test their own parallel and distributed code.

Tim Wilcox, Sales Engineer for Terra Soft describes this four day event as "a unique opportunity to work with a new kind of commodity cluster for development and testing of science and engineering applications for the Cell processor ... the end product readily migrating to the Mercury and IBM Cell systems for even higher performance.

I am excited to learn how attendees of the first Hack-a-thon have grown in their Cell programming experience, and to welcome new faces."