Black Hat: The Oscars (well, kind of...)

I was amused to read over the weekend about a set of awards handed out, almost at the last minute, by the organisers of the Black Hat briefings in Las Vegas.

To be known as the Pwnie awards - though, for what reason, I really don't know - the plan is to make the Black Hat oscars an annual event.

The awards are actually the brainchild of Alex Sotirov and Dino Dai Zovi, and seek to give kudos to the top chaps and chapettes involved in the darker side of the Internet.

Well it is the Black Hat event, after all -Ed.

Categories and their awards included: the Best Server-Side Bug; Best Client-Side Bug; Mass Ownage; Most Innovative Research; Lamest Vendor Response; Most Overhyped Bug; and Best Song.

Quite a geeky bunch of awards there, but interesting reading - check 'em out here...