SpikeSource Announces Partnership with Funambol

SpikeSource, a provider of packaged and maintained open source solutions today announced that the company has agreed to certify, integrate, resell and support Funambol open-source based mobile applications through its global network of distributors and channel partners.

Under terms of the agreement, SpikeSource will begin reselling Funambol's product line, and the two companies will collaborate on integrating Funambol technology into SpikeSource's portfolio of SpikeIgnited solutions.

"The options for mobile access to applications like email and calendaring have until now been limited," said Kim Polese, CEO of SpikeSource. "Businesses had to either buy specialized proprietary devices with expensive monthly service plans, or download open source software that required a lot of technical skill to integrate and support.

Through our partnership with Funambol, SpikeSource will provide a low cost, turnkey, supported mobile offering, enabling businesses of all sizes to benefit from functionality comparable to the most advanced proprietary alternatives at a fraction of the cost."

Funambol is a mobile open source software company and is the leading provider of open source push email and PIM sync for consumers. SpikeSource solutions are built for different operating system platforms including Linux and Windows and are maintained via an automated test environment with more than 300,000 tests daily.

Every SpikeIgnited solution is sold with SpikeNet for software update and maintenance, providing peace of mind and making it possible for organizations to access solution-specific support quickly with little effort.

The combination of Funambol and SpikeSource will provide customers with low cost, easy to configure mobility solutions for a variety of applications and works on mass market phones, backed by SpikeSource, Funambol and a global network of distributors who are experts in servicing and supporting open source solutions.

"This partnership with SpikeSource enables every company, regardless of size, to benefit from the simple implementation of Funambol's mobile open source applications," said Fabrizio Capobianco, CEO of Funambol. "We are pleased to be working with a leader in the open source community and look forward to offering SpikeSource-certified mobile open source applications to the business market."