Insight into the media habits of the UK IT Professional revealed in new study

An in-depth study on the marketing mediums preferred by UK IT Professionals was released this week by market research agency, Kingpin Intelligence.

Through over 400 in-depth interviews, the report uncovers which media and information sources UK IT Pros respond to, their perceptions of media offerings and which channels they trust most when making decisions.

While online sources were selected as the most ideal methods of sourcing IT information, the report reveals that email newsletters are the most-accessed information sources.

On a daily basis, half of this market is exposed to e-newsletters, with more than 80% accessing them on a monthly basis. Response also indicates that at least 90% give the content a cursory read –through.

While the trend in general indicates reliance upon online sources, the statistics reveal that industry magazines are still heavily consulted. 90% of those surveyed read IT magazines on a monthly basis – generally spreading their readership across various IT publications. Computer Weekly and Computing were selected as the best print magazines to learn about IT.

“This research confirms that professionals in this market take a pro-active approach to receiving job-related information,” says Cathy Radcliffe, Operations Director of Kingpin Intelligence. “By signing up to e-newsletters and selecting certain industry magazines to keep up-to-date on developments in IT, this market has revealed itself as information-hungry and responsive to streamlined marketing campaigns and informative media offerings.”

“However, they are also highly selective and conscious of vendor/editorial slant on content.”

Other key findings include:

•¼ of respondents believe vendor websites are the best to learn about IT – 18% of those mentioned Microsoft particularly.

•Only 1% of those surveyed ever click through pop-ups. The majority reporting that pop-ups deter them from websites.

•40% admitted they are apprehensive about implementing Windows Vista

•90% hold a positive attitude towards Google extending its services beyond search.