Survey : PRTG Traffic Grapher Saves Network Administrators Time and Money

Paessler, a network monitoring company, announced results from a user survey that reveals 50% of respondents save two weeks working time per year of network monitoring time through use of the company's PRTG Traffic Grapher . This frees up time for more crucial tasks as well as resulting in greater value and savings for businesses using the network monitoring tool.

“Monitoring critical network resources is essential. Network faults can cause interruptions that result in lost sales, compromised security and opportunity costs,” said Dirk Paessler, CEO of Paessler AG. “However, network monitoring shouldn’t consume so much time that it takes away focus from strategic initiatives. PRTG Traffic Grapher delivers comprehensive, accurate, easy and fast bandwidth monitoring and reporting, enabling IT and network operations teams more time to focus on what’s important – effecting positive change for their organizations.”

Over 560 Paessler customers responded to the survey. Other key findings include:

· Over 70 percent report that network uptime/downtime monitoring and alerting are among the most important network management tasks for their organization.

· 67 percent report that bandwidth usage and traffic monitoring are among the most important.

· Close to 45 percent report savings in network management time among top benefits realized from PRTG and 39 percent report reduced network management costs among top benefits realized.

· Over 95 percent of PRTG users surveyed would recommend the product to a colleague or peer.

“PRTG has increased my productivity by ten fold at least." commented David Busby, Network Administrator at Boughey Distribution in the West Midlands. "It allows for diagnosis of performance issues by generating a report of the time period in which performance issues occurred, all of which is quickly and easily carried out through the GUI, with no fuss and no need for additional scripting!”