Yosemite first with LTO-4 Encyption-compatible software

Yosemite Technologies today announced that its comprehensive Yosemite Backup 8.5 data protection solution is the first software application in its market to support hardware encryption offered by LTO-4, the next-generation Linear Tape-Open (LTO) drive and media format.

Yosemite enables small and medium sized businesses to take advantage of the advanced features of LTO-4 when backing up to tape, providing customers higher data security, faster backups and reduced cost per backup hour.

"Given the portable nature of tape backups, and the fact they are often stored at off-site locations, the device-level encryption feature of LTO-4 is critical in preventing unauthorised data access," said Arun Taneja, founder and consulting analyst, Taneja Group. "Data protection software, such as Yosemite Backup 8.5, that supports encryption enables companies to securely protect their tape backups and comply with new laws requiring them to notify anyone whose identity or personal information may have been compromised by lost or stolen data."

Yosemite Backup 8.5 allows users to employ LTO-4 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) hardware or 128/256-bit AES software encryption and compression. Hardware encryption has many advantages including the ability to write encrypted and compressed data to tape without adding overhead to the backup server or sacrificing security. Yosemite Backup 8.5 offers customers a choice between software or hardware encryption while also simplifying the management of the keys that are used to encode and decode the data.

Yosemite Backup 8.5 takes advantage of the multi-stream capability and faster throughput of LTO-4 by offering up to eight concurrent data streams at no additional cost. Yosemite Backup is also easy to scale as a business grows. With just a key-code upgrade, customers can scale from a single server edition to higher end editions that can protect the servers of any medium sized business. With its built-in, no-cost Virtual Tape Library capability, Yosemite Backup 8.5 can even maintain the same policies used for tape backup when deploying a disk-based backup solution.

"Businesses of all sizes are concerned about unauthorised data access of their backup tapes," said George Symons, CEO of Yosemite Technologies. "The combination of Yosemite Backup 8.5 and LTO-4 helps our customers reach a new level of data security without sacrificing backup performance."