College Students Online: a Parallel Life on Social Networks

Research and Markets has announced the addition of new US-Centric eMarketer report College Students Online: A Parallel Life on Social Networks to their offering.

The 18 million US college students that head back to campus this fall will be the most wired yet. Some 17.1 million of them, or 95%, will use the Internet at least once a month, and their time spent online will measured in hours per day–not per week.

The College Students Online report looks into the future of the Internet by analyzing what US collegians are doing online today.

Social networking is an essential part of campus life. So much so, that even parents, professors and future employers are signing up. On many campuses, upward of 80% of students use social networking sites on a regular basis.

In light of their strong use of social networks, college students are a key audience for online word-of-mouth marketing efforts. In addition, they are more likely than the rest of the population to use online video and user-generated content such as blogs.