Budding Femtocell Market needs support

Research and Markets has announced the addition of “Worldwide Femtocell Access Point Market, 2007-2011” to their offering. The worldwide wireless market in the developed world is approaching saturation, offering little compelling differentiation except for price points and, to a limited degree, signal quality.

Cellular operators must solve signal coverage and capacity issues in the indoor home environment to grow this market. Femtocells, which are small cellular base stations designed for use in indoor residential and small business environments that provide enhanced coverage at the edge of the wireless network, are a practical, near-term cure for these issues.

Each femtocell architecture has issues, such as developing a practical approach to manage RF signal interference and a scalable approach to integrate femtocells into a core network. Lowering femtocell price points and providing excellent customer support are among the critical challenges that threaten vendor and operator success in this market.

However, the principal long-term growth opportunity, accruing from improved churn and customer loyalty, will be realized through deployment of compelling mobile triple-play services. This report provides strategic information necessary for both vendors and operators to develop a successful femtocell business plan.