UN Web site hacked by anti-war postings

I was a tad disappointed to read that the United Nations Web site was hacked on Sunday, apparently by anti-war protesters.

The hack marks the breaking of a general `hacker's don't touch' rule on charitable and humanitarian Web sites and has been given a general thumbs down by the hacking community.

Amongst the messages posted by the hackers were claims that US and Israeli policies in the Middle East are taking innocent lives.

This fact suggests that the defacements were carried out by anti-war and politically-oriented peeps, rather than conventional hackers.▬

The hackers, who identified themselves as kerem125, MOsted, and Gsy, left a message criticising US and Israeli policies in the Middle East and saying "Peace for ever No war."

UN officials say their security monitoring systems kicked in and the messages were removed within a few minutes of being posted.

Officials say they are viewing the hacks as more of a prank than anything else. I have my doubts, as the security on the UN Web site is relatively strong, so it was either an inside job or involved hackers of the highest abilities.

Either way, I think the UN should be more worried than it appears to be...


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